How to make X Theme & Cornerstone compatible with W3 Total Cache

If you’re planning on using a WordPress page builder theme you can’t go past X. Themeco’s X Theme and Pro are quickly becoming the most advanced and user friendly page builders WordPress has to offer. Packed with features and constantly evolving in both community and support X is becoming a standard for building powerful WordPress sites without heavy coding. However … Read More

File Transfer Failed Error 451 on Filezilla FTP

If you come across File Transfer Failed Error 451 on Filezilla, there is a possibility the server is maxed out. This may be due to httpd error logs maxing out the hard drive and/or from a broken or corrupt database from your WordPress install. Fix Running VestaCP with Centos 7 and WordPress installs Check httpd logs in SSH to see … Read More

Max-width images on tablet & mobile – X theme and Pro

Sometimes you’re going to want to use different display settings for rows depending on screen size. Images, for example, tend to look better when full width on mobile and tablet, but when it’s on a bigger screen it can make things look very strange. But we want to have the best of both worlds, so let’s see how we can … Read More