Social Media Strategy & Management

From social media strategy to social media management, we’ve got you covered!
With consumer lead insights in our back pockets, we put together a social strategy that suits your needs. 

Let’s get social!

Social Media Marketing with Ouch Digital

Which platforms are your customers on? How should you converse with them? What should your social media page look like? What should you post when? We’ll answer your individual questions.


A social media strategy focuses on how your brand should communicate on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We put together a plan of action to tackle targetted strategies that will increase your business goals on social.

Our community managers take care of all things on your social media profile. S/he writes copy and posts updates on your wall in your name, answers questions your community may ask and pass on all feedback and individual requests to you.

Paid social refers to advertising on social media. In line with the social media strategy, we put together ad campaigns on social media to get the attention of your target audience.

Bloggers and influencers are the cool kids of the digital era; the stars of the world wide web; the PR professionals of social. We work with relevant influencers and online publishers in your industry to put your brand on their followers’ radar.

Social media monitoring or social listening are fancy words for eavesdropping on what people say online. We learn how to improve your business by researching what customers write about your business and your industry.

As part of a holistic online strategy, we work on social media campaigns that are in line with your brand identity to boost likes, shares & conversions on your social platforms. Effectively communicate your brand goals through highly targeted social media marketing channels.

Do you speak your customers’ language? We look at how your customers converse. Are you a young, funky brand or a conservative, dapper firm? We put together a tone of voice document so you can get into a dialogue with the audience that matters.

You want your social media presence to stand out aesthetically just like your business does? We’ll put together a styleguide for anyone to refer to when it comes to posting content on your social media channels! Imagine your corporate identity revamped for social.


Your social media channel doesn’t wow your audience? Hold up. Let’s take some time to get their attention.

Are you hitting a creative block when it comes to posting on your Facebook wall or Insta? Our team supplies you with content ranging from smart copy to Instagram photos, cool graphic designs and much more.

At Ouch Digital, we love producing creative content. Our services include photography, videography, graphic design, specialized social campaigns such as Facebook Canvas and copywriting.


As a business, you have the opportunity to use social media to get yourself heard by those people that matter the most to you: Your customers. They organise events through social media, chat to their friends, take part in public discussions and interact with their favourite brands. As in any other relationship, you want to build a strong, emotional rapport. And it pays off, too: Conversations lead to conversions.


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