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Online visibility and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are essential factors for your customers to find your website organically through Google and other search engines.

Discover how you can maximise your online exposure through SEO.

SEO with Ouch Digital

At Ouch Digital, we strive to get your website seen by the people that matter to your business. We’ll do our best to get your ratings up so that your website ranks as high as possible on Google.

With more than one billion websites on the internet and more than 500 new websites created every minute, getting found online can be a difficult undertaking. We aim to provide the best SEO services in Melbourne by maximising your online visibility campaigns.

Whether it’s an already existing website or website that you’re planning to build, we’re here to make sure you get the best search rankings on Google.

Read below to find out more about what kind of work we do.


The online visibility strategy includes internal factors such as your website along with external factors such as your Google My Business account. Read more…

Specialised in SEO backend, we improve your SERP and show Google that your business is a secure, valid and recommended point of interest for your prospective clients.

Creative and strategic copy is our forte! Ouch Digital specialises in copy writing including targeted SEO keywords to tell your brand story to your specific audience.

We work with you to focus your resources specific to your industry so you have the competitive edge on those around you. Select between one-off or ongoing SEO consultations to bring your SEO strategies to the forefront of your business.

Google loves heading tags, so we will make sure that all your heading tags are aligned with your keyword strategy and headers are used in the correct way on your WordPress website.

If you prefer full autonomy our web developers can train your team to manage your businesses website without it eating into overtime.

Auditing your website for SEO purposes is a first must-do to see how your website is currently performing. We look at how your website ranks for industry specific keywords, how fast your website loads, check internal and external links along with your domain authority and other core SEO factors.

Adding keywords and key phrases to your website copy has a striking effect on your search rankings. We put together a list of keywords that are industry and location specific to your business so that Google can determine better which keywords your website should rank for.

We source the most valuable niche keyword strings for your industry and write compelling meta descriptions, so you can start to climb Google’s Search Rankings the right way.

We can teach you to research the keywords best for your business so you can write, edit and manage your website copy inhouse.

Optimising your conversion rates means enhancing your content for SEO and for user experiences to get you higher conversions.


The online visibility strategy includes internal factors such as your website along with external factors such as your Google My Business account, Facebook page, Instagram account, Linked-in business profile, twitter, Xing, business directories and more.

It’s easy to think that more is better but when one online account becomes two, three or five, even ten, soon there are too many to manage effectively. An online visibility strategy aims to bring all of these elements together so you can manage your brands message coherently. And grow your business consistently with the right sources that matter the most .

Auditing your website for SEO purposes is a first must-do to see how your website is currently performing. Not all industries are born equal online and finding the right SEO strategy for your business might be different to someone in a different industry.

We strategize, set-up and manage your SEO to bring long-term visibility to your brand online. Within the conversion rate optimisation (CRO) we take a look at which alterations can be made to your website so that

  1. more customers find your website and
  2. those new users are funneled through your sales funnel.

You’ve got the time and prefer to be in charge yourself?

No problem. In one of our specialty workshops, we will teach you how to increase your SEO and website visibility for your business to get into the top Google searches for industry specific keywords.

Find out how we get your SEO up to speed in our SEO Process

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

When searching the world’s number one search engine, Google, some pages come up first in the search results. Users tend to click on those pages that show up first and barely any websites are clicked on that are on page 2 and beyond. Therefore, our goal is to get you as far to the top as possible for keywords and phrases relevant to your business so customers will click on your website.


You would like us to develop an SEO campaign to improve your business’ online visibility, increase conversions or build a new customer base?