Reporting takes a close look at your data and analyses it in regards to questions you’d like answered. How do your users find your website? Where do they click on your website? Which day of the week performs best?

There are endless questions to ask.
We’re happy to answer them.

Website reporting with Ouch Digital

What would you like to find out with the report? Which questions would you like answered? We’ll ask the right questions to determine your goals.


We set up your website with renown data collection tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

What are we looking at and what does it mean? The report we put together for you includes our key findings in written and graph form for the best understanding of your data. We interpret the data to tell you what it means and look at how to learn from it for the future.

We look closely at your data and pull out key findings linked to your reporting goals.


Reporting and online strategy are closely linked. After looking at your data and showing you our key findings, we put together an online strategy for you. Based on the findings, we determine which individual steps to take to get your business right on track to more clicks and higher conversions.

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You can fly blind or you can choose to use a navigation system that will take you directly where you want to get to. Reporting does exactly that. It looks at your data and determines the best route for your business looking at where you are now and how to get to where you want to go – and take you there.


You would like us to look at your website data and put together a written report on how your website is doing?

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