Google Cloud Hosting. Built for WordPress.

Here at Ouch we love working with WordPress, and we understand that WordPress sites are special, sometimes even a little bit Diva-ish.

So we built our own WordPress hosting platform from the ground up with all the extra love that WordPress sites need.

And and it’s powered by

Australian web hosting by Ouch Digital

We’ve worked tirelessly to tune our servers for WordPress sites so they have the best functionality, speed and. From almost instant first byte times to ultrafast PHP memory reads, 100% SSD cloud storage and guaranteed uptime Ouch Hosting is a game changer for affordable, lighning quick web hosting.

We’ve put together flexible pricing packages with storage add-ons so you’re only paying for what you need.


Our hosting servers run on 100% SSD storage offering stand-out performance up to 40x faster than standard drives.

We’re leveraging Google’s own Content Delivery Network to make your website fast on a truly global scale. And it’s free.

Caching and speed plugins can often add unnecessary weight to loading times. So we’ve tune things up from the server end to minimise the need for speed plugins and all the plugin conflicts that can come from them.

We backup your site every night for up to 30 days. You can manage your own backups for 14 days instantly. And if you need to roll back to a previous version, we’ve got 30 days worth of daily backups covered.

We want you to manage your websites quickly and effectively, so we’ve teamed up with VestaCP to bring you a state of the art control panel with the features you need to succeed including instant backup-restore, Softaculous, DNS, Webmail and

We’re here to help the internet get more secure and we want your website to be secure as well. All websites hosted on our servers are HTTPS SSL/TSL enabled and we create a unique SSL certificate for your websiteright from day 1.

Ever find you just need more storage, but the next tier of hosting is a little too much?
We have storage add-ons so you can top-up your account storage when you need it.

We have our own email servers to have you up and running with your business emails right away.
Alternatively we’ll integrate your account with G-Suite so you can take advantage of Gmail and powerful Google App suite to boost your business.

We know how important data security is for our customers so we keep all our servers in Australian data centers.

Our hosting servers are built using the best in Google’s own infrastructure and tuned specifically for WordPress so you can get the most out of your WordPress website.



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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Absolutely. We’ve been using X theme for years now and one of the most important prerequisites for our hosting was that it integrated perfectly with X theme and Pro. After all we recommend X theme to many of our clients and even have a custom Pro theme used for our own homepage.

We’ve tested extensively to find the optimum server requirements to run Cornerstone smoothly and even made sure that there is no server end caching that gets in the way with editing pages.


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