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Give your business a bright future with a targeted digital strategy.

We research and analyse relevant data to increase your sales and build long-term connections with your audience.

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Digital Strategy Agency Ouch Digital

Whether you are a small business entering the internet, or a large company building long-term connections, developing a strategic and relevant digital strategy is a must-have.

At Ouch we look at how and where to custom develop each digital marketing strategy on a variety of digital platforms.


As a vehicle to increase your sales, our digital strategy looks at all aspects of your business online and determines where there are opportunities to optimise your online presence and grow your business.


We review the status of your online business and make recommendations so you know how to strategically build your business through different online marketing strategies.

We work with you to map out effective digital marketing strategies to build your brand efficiently and connect directly with your audience.

Ask us anything! As part of our digital consulting services, we offer advise on any questions you may have regarding your website, strategy and more.

We work with you to map out effective content marketing strategies to build your brand efficiently and connect directly with your audience.

An integrated content strategy determines the look and feel of digital content across multiple platforms to build brand cohesion.

Work with us to link all your social platforms together so they are easier to manage and developped as part of a holistic online strategy.

We make sure you are one of the top search results for your targeted keywords. Paid Search aka Google Adwords allows us to target a specific location,  demographic and time to your individual set of keywords.


Many businesses put up a website and paid ads without knowing exactly what they are doing. We make sure you don’t waste your money on tactics that don’t get you where you want to go. This is where the digital strategy comes in. We determine what your goal is and which measures are best taken to get you there. From a holistic online presence to search engine marketing (SEM) we will make sure we drive you towards the right destination.


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