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Ouch Digital – A Digital Marketing Agency

Ouch Digital is a full service digital marketing agency passionate about creative web design, developing an  intelligent digital strategy tailored to your business, working on innovative content for your online presence and successful SEO and online visibility campaignsFounded by Bernard Street & Christina Geller in 2017, Ouch Digital focuses on media strategies for businesses in the tourism & travel industry all around the globe.

Travel Marketing – Collaborating with Businesses Worldwide

We are a travel marketing agency, are avid travellers ourselves and love to build brands online. Our mission is to collaborate with businesses worldwide to give your innovative idea the stage it deserves.
Ouch aims to contribute to the creative community and promote outstanding ideas and their entrepreneurs.
By working hand in hand in a casual setting and involving our clients in every step on the way, we take the pain out of digital and make building your online presence a fun collaboration.

A Boutique Digital Agency with a Broad Scope

We are a team of passionate creatives who love building things and developing new digital strategies; specifically building beautiful websites and digital media content, and creating targeted strategies for businesses to connect with their audiences. As the internet becomes more competitive engaging content is the key to maintaining a long-term online portfolio. We believe creating content for the internet should be fun to make and have the longevity to last and infiltrate in such a fast moving industry. Scroll below to see our agency services and click each link to find out more.

Modern Website Design

At Ouch we are passionate about building beautiful, responsive and highly functional websites that shine like a diamond. We combine the best in design, usability and responsive layout to ensure customers receive a distinctive, consistent and fast user experience on every device. We are specialised in WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems) and build websites for online businesses, hotels, online e-commerce stores and travel businesses from all around the world. To learn more head to our Web Design & Development page.

 Creative Content

Creating memorable content can be a challenging task for businesses and agencies alike, especially when the internet and trends move so quickly. Here at Ouch we know how important it is to create media that not only reflects the vision of a brands, but also reflects the needs and trends of the market. Whether developing a campaign for social media, blog articles, photography, or video, talk to us today about how we can bring your projects to life and create high quality, creative content to connect with your audience. For more information, head to our Creative Content page.

 Digital Strategy

Putting your work in front of your target audience effectively is the key to building your brand online. And with so many outlets to communicate online, such as google search, digital advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat it can be difficult to know where the right place is to start and where your investments would be most effective. At Ouch we use smart data and results based digital strategies to communicate and build strong memorable connections with your audience. To find out more head to our Digital Strategies page.

SEO & Online Visibility

Whether developing strategies to optimise your website for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or for developing customer interaction through social media, having an effective online visibility strategy is vital. However, not all relevant visibility practices are relevant to your business. Here at Ouch we make sure it is, and work with you to develop an online visibility strategy that is right for you. Being seen by the right people in the right places is essential in growing brands effectively. Defining your niche and recognising your target audience not only saves time and resources, but allows you to focus your attentions with confidence that your customers will see the amazing content you produce. Learn more about optimising organic search on our SEO & Online Visibility page.